Web Accessibility for Beginners: The Basics for Success

This webinar has already occurred. Please reach out to ashley.hefner@optimere.com for the recording.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • What is web accessibility, and why it should be a priority for your organization
  • What are the WCAG standards, and how to comply with them
  • What web accessibility legislation exists, and the risks of litigation
  • What you need to prioritize to make your website accessible, and more!

Join Jasmine de Guzman from Monsido for an introduction to web accessibility, and how you can get started on making your website more inclusive for all. 

Practical Details 

  • Live at 10am PT | 1pm ET on Wednesday, July 20 
  • Duration: 60 minutes, including Q&A
  • Recording and slides distributed to all registrants 
  • Headshot of Jasmine de Guzman
    Jasmine de Guzman
    Manager, Revenue Marketing at Monsido - powered by CivicPlus
  • Headshot of Ashley Hefner
    Ashley Hefner
    Marketing Coordinator at Monsido - powered by CivicPlus

About Monsido

Monsido is a leading web governance solution designed to enable organizations to deliver a superior and inclusive user experience across their digital presence and support their journey to ensure communications are open, optimized, and compliant. Monsido is powered by integrated technology leader CivicPlus®.