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Time For A Makeover: The Ultimate Website Redesign Guide


Live: Thursday, April 20, 1:30 pm GMT/ 2:30 pm CET

Join Monsido powered by CivicPlus for a dedicated session on website redesigns. We’ll take a look at practical insights and strategies that can be used to improve your website redesign process, mini-redesign adjustments you can make in 2023, and the best steps for getting started

What you'll learn in this webinar: 

  • Why a website redesign may be necessary 
  • The various types of website redesigns (full redesign, partial redesign, responsive redesign, etc.) 
  • How to conduct a website audit and analysis 
  • How to create a website redesign plan, including the five key phases, timelines and milestones 
  • And how to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and determine the success of a website redesign  
  • And more...

Practical Details 

Live at 1:30 pm GMT / 2:3- pm CET on Thursday, April 20

Duration: 45 minutes, including Q&A 

Recording and slides will be distributed to all registrants 

Speaker Bios: 

Gratsiela Zhalova is the Revenue Marketing Manager at Monsido powered by CivicPlus. She has years of experience with website optimization and digital marketing. She has used a variety of website builder programs over the course of her career and collaborated with many website contributors. Today, Gratsiela is communicating information and insights from the fields of website optimization, and compliance, and advocating for inclusive and accessible website experiences. 

Jasmine de Guzman is the Director of International Marketing at Monsido powered by CivicPlus. She has a background in website builders and the SaaS space, and she's all about sharing her knowledge to help others improve their digital marketing and communications. On a daily basis, Jasmine focuses on sharing insights on website governance (including accessibility!) via Monsido webinars, blog posts, and more.

Christian Lund is Monsido’s European Sales Manager. With years of experience working with public and private organizations, Christians have become an expert in helping website teams achieve a professional look while meeting compliance standards. His expertise in website redesigns projects, combined with his ability to work collaboratively with teams, ensures that your website will not only look professional but also achieve its goals. 

  • Gratsiela Zhalova headshot picture in purple circle
    Gratsiela Zhalova 
    Revenue Marketing Manager at Monsido powered by CivicPlus
  • Jasmine de Guzman headshot picture in yellow circle
    Jasmine de Guzman
    Director of International Marketing at Monsido powered by CivicPlus
  • Christian Lund headshot picture in light blue circle
    Christian Lund
    Account Executive for Europe at Monsido powered by CivicPlus
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