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A National Benchmark Of 700+ US City Websites

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Executive Summary

City websites are the first touchpoint that most people will have with their local government. But are City websites living up to the needs and expectations of their visitors?

In this national benchmarking report, OpenCities, Monsido, and CommonLook looked at 700+ City websites in the US across website quality, performance, accessibility, and technology to see how successfully they delivered online information and digital services to residents.

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A Few Key Findings Were:

  • 73% of City websites offer the capability of starting and completing a task on the website’s mobile experience
  • A City website rebuild helped generate nearly $600,000 in annual savings
  • 53% of City websites are considered to be on the path to accessibility compliance
  • Only 1 in 4 cities had more than 50% of their PDF documents tagged for accessibility
  • And more…

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